Hi, my name is Kayla.

About a year ago, I had a realisation that my life was at a standstill. I was at rock bottom in terms of physical and mental health, and my safe place was a couch. I had a mental breakdown some six months before that, moved cities and tried to restart my life.

That was when I realised, I had only moved my issues, not solved anything. When I went back to visit my parents, I lay on their couch and realised I had not changed anything in my life, rather I was still where I had been six months before- it just took laying back in that physical place that made me have this epiphany. I decided enough was enough, I needed to change my life.

From the events after that fateful moment, I’ve found myself falling in love with MMA and now I’m on the road to one day step into the cage and fight. So this is my story, this my documentation- follow me as I take a journey from the couch, to the cage.


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