Thinking Big: Goals Rather Than Dreams

On one of the rare occasions that I am not at the gym, work or home, I like to spend time indulging in my other hobby; dance, in particular, KRUMP. Now KRUMP is what brought me here to Melbourne and really lit the fire under me to move over here because the KRUMP community in Melbourne is absolutely amazing. Such a supportive and passionate bunch of people. I have also come to know many others in the street dance community, and back when I was quite new into dance, I came across a dance crew named Raw & Rugged.

Back just before I started this journey, they are ignoring me because they were the enemy team, not because I suck (I’m actually alright at KRUMP) Photo credit: SHUTTERMAIN
The leaders of the Raw & Rugged crew (AKA R&R) have been a big inspiration to me in the world of dance, and their passion for dance as well as bringing dance and opportunities to people and children that may have not had it otherwise is absolutely inspiring. Bridgette and Junior Afu’ie are the kindest, most humble people you will ever meet and their achievements keep racking up, (look up Raw & Rugged on YouTube if you want to see them in action), so when R&R had a final fundraiser/viewing for the routine at Hip Hop International (one of the biggest crew comps in the world, held over in the USA), I could not resist going along to watch.

Now one of their biggest challenges was taking over their kids crew, a darling bunch of kids who are immensely talented with the passion and heart to go with it. Most of the kids families could not afford to send them over, so R&R reached out to the community to help fund raise to make this kids dreams come true. Alas, they were able to hit their fundraising goal and, along with the main crew, are right now in the States about to represent us over in HHI! (YEAHHH GO R&R)

Look at these amazing kids, I pretty much cried when I saw their routine!

Anyway, at the event, Bridgette said something that struck such a chord with me and I cannot get it out of my head. I may not be repeating exactly, but this is how I heard it:
“Make your vision greater than your resources”.
Now let’s repeat louder for those in the back,


Why did this strike such a chord with me? Well it made me think about the concept of dreams versus goals. So often we say “Oh I wish this could happen” or “My dream is to ____” and when we use words like wish or dream, we create a vision that’s more a fantasy or something whimsical. On the flip side, when we use words like goals and plans, it creates a more realistic vision. Ever heard of the concept of stop dreaming and start doing? Well this is kind of along those lines.

These kids, their families did not have the resources to send them over to the USA, along with some of the other dancers in the adults crew. They simply did not have them, but their vision was to head to the USA and compete. Instead of saying, oh well, maybe next time and allowing themselves to be satisfied by their achievements so far, they put together a plan. They looked at what resources they did have, and set out to make their vision a reality…..AND THEY DID! Trust me, they are over in Arizona now with all of the dancers. How cool is that?

Well how does that relate to us? Well I know it relates to me. There are so many things that we say that are excuses as to why we cannot start working towards our goals. Money, time, injuries, opportunities….yes these are very real life issues but when we do not even try to set a goal and cast it off as wishful thinking, we are quitting before we’ve even begun.

Make your dreams big, then turn them into goals. That new job? Plan how you can get it. That fitness goal? Research and find a way to smash it. Life is not easy and we will most likely never have 100% of the resources needed in order to make a vision a reality right this second, but if you make that vision greater, if you step out of that comfort zone now, then maybe it’s just enough of that boost to be able to go out and find the resources you need to make that vision a reality.


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